More Desserts

iced orange souffle with grand marnier

chocolate and raspberry vacherin

creme brulee with rhubarb
tarte tatin of pears (poached in red wine and spices)
” ” banana
” ” apple

biscuit tulip filled with lemon sorbet and raspberry cream sauce

(cream filled hazelnut meringue with apricot sauce)

chocolate marquise with coffee bean sauce

mango and passion fruit panna cotta

Traditional bakewell pudd.

chocolate dipped meringues filled with fresh cream and lashings of choc.

rum baba with oranges in butter sauce

Paris brest!
(choux pastry ring filled with praline and creme patisserie)

prunes in armagnac with prune and armagnac ice cream

crepes suzette

brown sugar meringues with fresh cream

chocolate and banana delice
(choc. sponge, choc sauce, sliced bananas)

oeuf a la neige
(poached meringue with caramel and toasted almonds floating on a vanilla flavoured egg custard)

fresh pineapple with coconut ice cream
rosemary scented dark chocolate cream
bertie bassett iced liquorice parfait

chocolate coated choux buns filled with pastry cream