New Buffet Ideas

Meat and fish ideas;
Char grilled chicken bound with a tonnato sauce(tuna mayonnaise) garnished with black olives.
Whole Ham on the bone carved by the chef.
Mixed seafood salad on a bed of baby spinach with a garlic, chilli ginger and lemon dressing.
Szechwan chicken salad.(spicy)
Roast beef salad with roasted red pepper ,red onions and artichokes on a bed of radicco with a creamy horseradish dressing.
Coulibiac of salmon (in pasrty with rice, mushrooms and eggs served cold) with a dill crème fraiche dressing.
Roasted beetroot with feta, toasted cashews, green beans, and lemon mustard dressing .
Roasted aubergine with toasted walnuts, coriander, cider vinegar, garlic, chilli and pomegranate.
French beans and mange tout with red onion, chervil, tarragon, toasted hazelnuts and hazelnut oil.
Barley, frizzy lettuce and radish with sunflower seeds, currents, parsley with Moroccan spices.
Couscous and fregola with pumpkin, sunflower seeds, saffron and mixed herbs.
Moroccan Wild Rice Salad.
Mixed bean salad with shards of crispy Parma ham and shaving of Parmesan with a olive oil and red wine vinegar dressing.
Spanish Style new potato salad with paprika and topped with fried Chorizo.
Moorish courgette salad
Spicy Spanish style potatoes served with aioli.
Penne with tomatoes & basil gremolata.
Warm dishes;
Roasted sweet potato, butternut squash with dried figs, spring onion, chilli and balsamic reduction.
Roasted new potatoes with rosemary, garlic, saffron and parsley.

Please make your selection and we will price accordingly.

Other ideas available on request.