Barbecue Menu

Grilled mackerel with gooseberry sauce
Salmon marinated in olive oil, lime and herbs

Lamb steaks with mint & garlic
Chicken breast stuffed with sausage wrapped in bacon

Cajun turkey & pepper kebabs

Barbecue sausages & burgers in buns

New potato salad with chives

Mixed bean salad in a spicy tomato sauce

Rice salad with peanuts, sultanas, mint & coriander

Mixed green salad with herbs & cherry tomatoes

Cheese selection; French bread
Indiviual Meringues with
Summer Fruit Compote
served with Greek Yoghurt

min.20 persons

Additional Barbecue Ideas

Jerk Pork Kebabs with Pineapple

6oz Rump Steak with French mustard, garlic & herb marinade

Spicy Chicken Kebabs

Sticky Oriental Ribs

Cajun Vegetable Kebabs

Pork chops Dijonaise

Moroccan Lamb Kebabs

Minted kofta lamb Kebabs

Red Wine and Herb Marinated Fillet Steak

Chicken Breast marinated in garlic, lime and herbs

Couscous with roasted Peppers

Hot New Potatoes with butter, mint & chives
Jacket Potatoes

(Other ideas available on request.)